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Welcome to ficlets100!

This community is open to all fandoms, characters and pairings and you can write as many angst, fluff, dark, funny, AU and crossover fics as you want! The aim is to write 100 word ficlets using a set of word prompts...


1) That the prompt table is set out in a specific way and it ought to stay that way.

2) There is no specific order in which you post the ficlet, you can post prompt 75 before prompt 3 and so on.

3) You cannot make all 100 prompts connect, so it tells a story, it defends the purpose of 100 stand alone ficlets :) However, you can use up to 10 (the maximum amount) prompts to connect/tell a story for example: 001 Destroy, 003 Kiss, 005 Date, 006 Wrong, 018 Dread and 068 Fight.

But again, I must reiterate that you cannot do it with all 100, the purpose is to have a 100 different ficlets.


1. Choose a character or a pairing from a particular fandom.

Your claim can be from any fandom and can be a character, a pairing or a group (within reason). Ask if you're not sure. Also note that more than one person can claim the same thing!

2. Decide whether you want to write 25, 50 or 100 drabbles/ficlets.

You can change the number you want to write at any time. (Just leave a comment on the claims list.)

3. Choose a prompt set to base your ficlets on.

Scroll down to view the prompt sets available. You may interchange prompts if you get stuck. (Also, if you'd like to create a new table to add to the community, that's cool. Just contact me at: teh_gandu@livejournal.com, and let me know. I won't automatically add your prompts, but I'll look them over and consider it.)

4. When you have decided on your claim and prompt set, fill out the following form and wait for approval before posting.

Make your claim here.

5. Once you've been approved, start writing!

Remember to limit your ficlets to 100 words only! No more, no less. If you get stuck with a prompt, check the other prompt sets and use a prompt from there. If you do this, make note of it on your post. No more than 10 alternate prompts can be used.

6. Post your ficlets

For headings, please use the prompt number and the character/pairing that you've claimed. Here's a few examples:

#002 River
#098 Jayne/Kaylee
#100 Firefly

Fill out the following form and post your ficlet/s to the community - NO MORE THAN ONE FICLET PER POST! and ENSURE THAT YOU TAG EVERY ENTRY!

Prompt: (Number + Word: eg. #001 Toast)
Word Count:
Summary (optional):
Notes (optional):

(LJ cut to story here if overrated material - else post story)

To add a link to a story in your table:

1) Copy the URL of the story post
2) Go back and edit the post with your table in it
3) Find the prompt in the code, and replace it with this:
<#a href="LINK TO FANFIC">PROMPT<#/a#>
4) Take out all the #s

7. When you've completed your claim, post a link to your completed table here to receive a shiny banner!


If you have a question that isn't listed below, leave a comment on the claims list.

How many claims can I have at the one time?
You may claim up to 6 different things at a time, as long as you work on all claims and not just one at a time. If you haven't posted in several months and someone wants to claim that same thing, you will have to give up the claim or make an effort to post more regularly.

Can I claim a crossover pairing, real person fic or original fiction claim?
Sure! Those are all fine. Just ensure that you supply disclaimers and so on as required. Please state both fandoms and characters clearly when you request.

+ One +

001.Dagger 002.Red 003.Memory 004.Lost 005.Mouse
006.Brown 007.Rose 008.Life 009.Pain 010.Bar
011.Promise 012.Tree 013.Death 014.Love 015.Chocolate
016.Mind 017.Leaf 018.Destruction 019.Hate 020.Doorknob
021.Inside 022.Sand 023.Hallucination 024.Desperation 025.Goodbye
026.Over 027.Desert 028.Illusions 029.Hope 030.Meat
031.Forest 032.Planet 033.In the woods 034.Play 035.Straw
036.Enemy 037.Cave 038.Invisible 039.Hide 040.Accident
041.Friend 042.Lake 043.Petty 044.Trace 045.Fake
046.Early 047.Family 048.Disturbed 049.Thieves 050.Truth
051.Late 052.Lust 053.Sickness 054.Babble 055.Lies
056.Clothes 057.Desire 058.Tears 059.Intoxicated 060.Happiness
061.Pinecones 062.Aliens 063.Unwell 064.Crazy 065.Secret
066.Bed 067.Portal 068.Hair 069.Water 070.Confession
071.Dinosaur 072.Pure 073.Cows 074.Fire 075.Forgive
076.Faith 077.Strawberries 078.Cabin 079.Earth 080.Forget
081.Medicine 082.Innocence 083.Angel 084.Air 085.Let go
086.Book 087.Tea 088.Cheese 089.Spirit 090.Broken
091.Bible 092.Coat 093.Ice 094.Soul 095.Betrayal
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

+ Two +

001.Toast 002.Bread 003.Church 004.Belief 005.Eternal
006.Soul 007.Babble 008.School 009.Education 010.Fireflies
011.Bodies 012.Nature 013.Hero 014.Complications 015.Decisions
016.Choice 017.Heartache 018.Space 019.Empty 020.Promise
021.Candles 022.Incense 023.Magick 024.Witch 025.Teacher
026.Lessons 027.Driving 028.Winter 029.Summer 030.Autumn
031.Spring 032.Ritual 033.Hairbrush 034.Contact 035.Touch
036.Taste 037.Smell 038.Vision 039.Sound 040.Danger
041.Knife 042.Gun 043.Bunnies 044.Fear 045.Cows
046.Brain 047.Sky 048.Universe 049.Otherworld 050.Parallel
051.Monsters 052.Cooking 053.Justice 054.Sleep 055.Web
056.Dream 057.Nightmare 058.Shooting star 059.Morality 060.Tangle
061.Sin 062.Inevitable 063.Balance 064.Nobility 065.Alone
066.Emotion 067.Disappear 068.Shadow 069.Echo 070.Hot
071.Cold 072.Warm 073.Past 074.Mutiny 075.Future
076.Present 077.Christmas 078.Birthday 079.Night 080.Day
081.Sunshine 082.Dawn 083.Moonlight 084.Dusk 085.Child
086.Birth 087.Weapon 088.Fight 089.Blood 090.Shut up
091.Vengeance 092.Ruined 093.Regret 094.Silence 095.Found
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

+ Three +

001.Destroy 002.Cry 003.Kiss 004.Passion 005.Date
006.Wrong 007.Right 008.Horse 009.Music 010.Display
011.Under 012.Field 013.Trade 014.Destiny 015.Heaven
016.Headache 017.Angst 018.Dread 019.Blank 020.Half
021.Pills 022.Disease 023.Vomit 024.Fever 025.Can
026.Juice 027.Wool 028.Carry 029.Grip 030.Fail
031.Light 032.Dark 033.Fence 034.Ship 035.Boat
036.Ocean 037.Blind 038.Deaf 039.Trace 040.Hell
041.Away 042.Near 043.Distance 044.Pool 045.Cash
046.Cheat 047.Lie 048.Betray 049.Loose 050.Partner
051.Stale 052.Shells 053.Injustice 054.Awake 055.Net
056.Deranged 057.Torture 058.Fake 059.True 060.False
061.Dare 062.Death 063.Ankle 064.Button 065.Camera
066.Drink 067.Everything 068.Fight 069.Girl 070.Hint
071.Run 072.Walk 073.Drive 074.Spare 075.Opportunity
076.Pleasant 077.Draft 078.Notice 079.Symbol 080.Sign
081.Stone 082.Grass 083.Blanket 084.Island 085.Kill
086.Line 087.Monkey 088.Nail 089.Over 090.Police
091.Queue 092.Rice 093.Sauce 094.Protein 095.Fix
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

+ Four +

001.Answer 002.Bound 003.Bail 004.Strip 005.Conceive
006.Pour 007.Dophamine 008.Chemical 009.Entrance 010.Balance
011.Flake 012.Snap 013.Game 014.Affirmative 015.High
016.Long 017.Ice 018.Estrange 019.Joke 020.Elves
021.King 022.Nail 023.Larvae 024.Choke 025.Mandrake
026.Seep 027.Naked 028.Wind 029.Open 030.Blind
031.Pillow 032.Gas 033.Queue 034.Poke 035.Recieve
036.Incense 037.Sugar 038.Pop 039.Transmit 040.Flame
041.Underworld 042.Mystery 043.Veritas 044.Amulet 045.Wonder
046.Phobia 047.Xenophobia 048.(Black) Cat 049.Young 050.Torture
051.Zen 052.Mystic 053.Action 054.Medium 055.Bend
056.Sunburn 057.Cape 058.Complete 059.Dupe 060.Savage
061.Endless 062.Smirk 063.Fresh 064.Struggle 065.Relocate
066.Limbo 067.Defy 068.Grapple 069.Insects 070.Jinx
071.Garden 072.Mutate 073.Virus 074.Yawn 075.Evolve
076.Kindred 077.Question 078.Tangible 079.Whisper 080.Zodiac
081.Coffin 082.Overnight 083.Restrain 084.Bitter 085.Sweet
086.Forbidden 087.Amuse 088.Taste 089.Never 090.Unknown
091.Afar 092.Dragon 093.Treasure 094.Wings 095.Breathe
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

+ Five +

001.Energy 002.Perfect World 003.Wires 004.Silver 005.All Because Of You
006.Signal 007.One Last Kiss 008.Infinite 009.Cloud 010.Salvation
011.Apocalypse 012.Beacon 013.Beam 014.Blast 015.Blackened
016.Ripple 017.Double 018.Flick 019.Fabric 020.Multiply
021.Trust 022.Eternity 023.Always, All Ways 024.Burn 025.Scar/s
026.Hex 027.Curse 028.Glow 029.Chain 030.Dream
031.Flesh 032.Chance 033.Fish 034.Lake 035.Pie
036.Jello 037.Sweet! 038.Shiny 039.Frozen 040.Cave
041.Procedure 042.Complain 043.Mission 044.Stray 045.Spineless
046.Hint 047.Spy 048.Science 049.Cult 050.Hold
051.Forever 052.Battle 053.Crime 054.Disable 055.Slide
056.No Regrets 057.Never Change 058.Easily Influenced 059.Scene 060.On My Own
061.Final 062.Force 063.Meant To Be 064.Give Up 065.Instead
066.Hurt 067.Comfort 068.Angst 069.In Your Arms 070.Surrender
071.Shallow 072.Hold My Hand 073.Retaliate 074.Push 075.Cringe
076.Drunk 077.Bleeding Heart(s) 078.Letter 079.No Return 080.Slave
081.Complicated 082.Giggle 083.Sorrow 084.Regulations 085.Dirt
086.Mud 087.Face 088.Deep 089.Smear 090.Kindred
091.Desert 092.Morning Sun 093.Full Moon 094.Haunt 095.Wake
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

+ Six +

001.Addict 002.Ironic 003.Crush 004.Downstairs 005.Tragedy
006.Silver 007.Glass 008.Sacred 009.Moment 010.Wherever
011.Element 012.Green 013.Bubble 014.Reach 015.Face
016.Bump 017.Daze 018.Smoke 019.Change 020.Hold
021.Reality 022.Voice 023.Clinic 024.Break 025.Failure
026.Coffee 027.Stand 028.Loss 029.Moron 030.Define
031.Remind 032.Interrogate 033.Outside 034.River 035.Misery
036.Aftermath 037.Whiteboard 038.Rejection 039.Ask 040.Note
041.Beautiful 042.Fall 043.Evidence 044.Remember 045.Borrow
046.Feelings 047.Vacation 048.Emergency 049.Sacrifice 050.Left Behind
051.Chaos 052.Spine 053.Mail 054.World 055.Easy
056.Dismiss 057.Pain Relief 058.Jaded 059.Demon 060.Convert
061.Save Us All 062.Accuracy 063.Rumour 064.Phone 065.Banter
066.Technology 067.Heated 068.Sea 069.Resent 070.White
071.Reason 072.Funeral 073.Hidden 074.Crime 075.Bug
076.Wait A Minute! 077.Constant 078.Welcome Home 079.Intention 080.Dying
081.Bravery 082.Impulsive 083.Deny 084.Plank 085.Jealousy
086.Steal 087.Games 088.Block 089.Inspiration 090.Why me?
091.Abandon 092.Climb 093.Wish 094.Enclosed 095.Traumatized
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

+ Seven + made by luxuria_oceanus

001.Guilt 002.New 003.Solitude 004.Content 005.Tale
006.Distort 007.Luxury 008.Listen 009.Party 010.Scent
011.Storm 012.Lessons 013.Apology 014.Relief 015.Breeze
016.Fading 017.Passion 018.Stay 019.Rain 020.Within
021.Dread 022.Revenge 023.Time 024.Perfect 025.Eyes
026.Bloom 027.Beginning 028.Bath 029.Object 030.Lost
031.Pride 032.Death 033.Dance 034.Remember 035.Savage
036.Late 037.Crossroads 038.Change 039.Hope 040.Dawn
041.Hero 042.Annoy 043.Trouble 044.Imagine 045.Believe
046.Words 047.Home 048.Understand 049.Cage 050.Animal
051.Woods 052.Fun 053.Dare 054.Spell 055.Pray
056.Warmth 057.Mess 058.Leap 059.Attention 060.Shopping
061.Dessert 062.Paper-cut 063.Compromise 064.Mouth 065.Gone
066.Intuition 067.Fairies 068.Gift 069.Priceless 070.Jewel
071.Grin 072.Quake 073.Blush 074.System 075.Pressure
076.Crash 077.Closer 078.Break 079.Habit 080.Safe
081.Confusion 082.Someday 083.Instigate 084.Goodnight 085.Paint
086.Always 087.Guide 088.Embrace 089.Fall 090.Help
091.Different 092.Anticipation 093.Real 094.Enough 095.Again
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.


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